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How sustainable is amber glass?

Is amber glass actually sustainable? Is it available with recycled content?

The crucial question is whether amber glass truly aligns with sustainability goals and if it incorporates recycled materials. The answer is affirmative on both counts. Amber glass is not only easily recyclable but can also be crafted from materials that have been recycled previously. Yet, its sustainability goes beyond this aspect.

Amber glass stands out as one of the most environmentally friendly choices, mainly because it includes virgin materials. Unlike clear glass, which may develop a green tint after recycling due to additional substances, amber glass retains its original color through multiple recycling cycles. In essence, it is infinitely recyclable.

Furthermore, when compared to plastic, recycling amber glass is 40% less environmentally harmful. Plastic bottles, while recyclable, release higher carbon emissions during the recycling process, contributing to air pollution. Recycling amber glass proves to be a relatively straightforward process, requiring fewer resources and less energy.

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