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CEO | Managing Partner

Tammy Hall

With over two decades of dedicated experience in the skincare industry, I am thrilled to introduce our exclusive skincare line to you. Continuously immersing myself in the latest advancements, I ensure to stay ahead of the curve in skincare innovations. My passion lies in sharing invaluable insights on maintaining a robust skincare routine tailored to individual needs, advocating for lifelong skin health. Guided by a personalized approach, I meticulously tailor skincare solutions to address diverse skin concerns, leveraging my extensive expertise. Committed to delivering excellence, I take pride in crafting products suited for every climate and circumstance, catering to the unique requirements of each individual. As a devoted skincare professional and enthusiast, my fervent dedication and profound understanding of skincare underscore every aspect of my work, reflecting in the meticulous care I invest in every endeavor.

CFO | Managing Partner

Amy Brevick

Tammy and I crossed paths when I visited her salon for a facial, igniting a journey that culminated in the birth of  Pata. During my sessions with Tammy, she told me that in her 20+ years of experience, my skin was the most sensitive she had ever encountered. Our connection then deepened into friendship, leading us to embark in this business partnership. Drawing on my background in finance and business alongside Tammy's wealth of product and industry expertise, we collaborated to develop skincare solutions tailored to sensitive skin and brought Pata to fruition. While Tammy spearheaded the product development, it's her discovery of my extreme sensitivity and my financial acumen that catalyzed the launch of our products.

It's been a lot of work but we're here to share with you our journey and of course, our skincare.

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